Welcome to HPL Distribution

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. HPL Distribution, has taken over the KATO dealership for NZ.

We are involved with the importation, wholesale and retail sales of KATO Excavators, and parts.

HPL Distribution Gets Certified Kato’s New Regzam
Both Jimmy and Scotty Daisley travelled to Japan, to officially meet the representatives of KATO Works Co., Ltd at their head office in Tokyo, Japan.

The trip was a success with the issuing of the appropriate certification stating that HPL Distribution was indeed now to be the certified agent for the distribution of the new KATO Excavators in New Zealand, with HPL also getting the rights to being the Genuine KATO parts reseller, and service agent.

Whilst in Japan, Jimmy and Scotty got an up close look at the new 20 Tonne Excavator – the Regzam HD820V.

Featuring low engine emissions, new roomy ultra comfortable cab, powerful operation and reduced noise makes this new model KATO a superb machine for all tasks.

The Regzam also has improvements to the hydraulic system, a new APC display in the cab which has a quick selection of Modes including Professional (heavy duty), All round multi-purpose, and Eco-modes to suit all applications.